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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lid does a Stanley tumbler use?

The secure press-fit Tritan™ lid also prevents splashes so you can sip easy in the kitchen, on the job, or around the campfire. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Do you need a bottle opener for Stanley PMI?

Pack your favorite ale, stout, lager, or IPA to enjoy fresh, cold beer right down to the last sip. Great for soda or iced coffee, too. The secure-fit lid features a froth-friendly wide mouth and the built-in bottle opener means you'll always be ready to refill. No need to hunt down a bottle opener.

Is the Stanley all in one Shaker removable?

This all-in-one cocktail shaker features a unique twist-to-lock top, so there’s no leaks or messes no matter how hard you shake. A removable reamer allows you to juice and strain directly into the jigger cap, and two shatterproof stainless steel rocks glasses lets you toast to fun. Transport your favorite brew in fully functional and iconic style.

What kind of insulation does a Stanley water cooler need?

Your water always stays clean and fresh. Stanley’s double-wall vacuum insulation also keeps it icy cold for hours. Take it where you need to go—the rugged handle and built-in fence hook provide portability and convenience.

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