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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the replica of Microsoft DPM inconsistent?

DPM replica is inconsistent. If you continually error out when running a consistency check verify the server has enough space. With Microsoft DPM we noticed that different dataset types (DC, SQL, Exchange) have different host storage requirements. For example if a DC does not have enough local disk space it will fail.

What does DPM have run out of free space?

In most cases it's something like "DPM has run out of free space on the recovery point volume". You can also check directly on the host for VSS errors that happened around the time of your backup. Was this post helpful? Thanks for your feedback! All of my servers are virtual in VMWare, except for 2. One of the physical boxes is my DPM server.

What does the error " replica inconsistent " mean?

Our servers, on the other hand, are having multiple issues. The most prevalent of these is an error entitled "Replica Inconsistent". This comes up on the BMR, SS, and Exchange 2013 DB.

What causes a DPM job to fail in a backup?

For us it was signifigantly more than we were use to with other backup systems. DPM jobs will often fail when the host or the DPM server itself is using too many resources (Network, CPU, Memory). Make sure optimize the protection groups so that the resource consumption is spaced out.

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