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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the unexpected error in DPM 2019?

The VM level/RCT back-up is still failing with Replica is inconsistent " An unexpected error occurred while the job was running. (ID 104 Details: Unknown error (0x80041069) (0x80041069))" Could you post the results of the following two commands?

Is the DPM out of disk space for the replica?

"DPM is out of disk space for the replica. (ID 58 Details: Internal error code: 0x80990ED2) " The recommended action is to modify disk allocation and run synchronization job with consistency check which does not resolve the issue and it immediately fails.

Why is DPM 2016 bare metal recovery not working?

Bare Metal Recovery isn't working with DPM 2016, Update Rollup 6 for one 2008 R2 server - comes up with a "Replica is inconsistent" error for BMR and System State. The backup operation attempted at '‎2019‎-‎01‎-‎23T09:36:05.019669100Z' has failed to start, error code '2155348040'.

Can you use DPM on Windows Server 2019?

Since the host is on 2019, would DPM be able to make use of the RCT feature? RCT is enabled by default since Windows Server 2016, so DPM can only uses the RCT feature on Windows Server 2016/2019 Hyper-V hosts, but note well that the Hyper-V configuration version has to be version 8.0 or higher.

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