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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Isamu Noguchi coffee table in solid wood?

Weekend viewings are also possible, but need to be arranged in advance. Established in 2005 Swivel UK have been selling the highest quality replica Issamu Noguchi coffee table is available in solid Oak, Walnut, Ash and Beech with 19mm toughened glass. On display in our London showroom.

Is the Noguchi coffee table still in Rockefeller Center?

It is still installed in Rockefeller Center. | Underwood Archives / Contributor/ Getty Images In 1947, Noguchi collaborated with Herman Miller and Charles Eames, as well as a few other notable designers, to produce a catalog containing what is often considered the most influential body of modern furniture ever produced.

Where did Isamu Noguchi get his inspiration from?

With a catalog of work spanning six decades, Isamu Noguchi drew inspiration from his Japanese father and American mother. His work is characterized as being influenced by both eastern and western cultures to create simple yet eye-catching designs. This is a replica item inspired by the original designs.

Where is the Noguchi signature on the table?

To signify its authenticity, this table is etched with Noguchi’s signature in two places: on the longest edge of the glass tabletop and on a medallion underneath the base.

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