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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties and responsibilities of a case manager?

Case manager duties include assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating actions required to meet the client’s health and human services needed. A certified case manager is a plus.

What are the duties of a social service case manager?

Job Description for Case Manager, Social Services. Social services case managers are in charge of managing case loads. In this task, they listen to clients' issues and work to met their needs.

What is housing focused case management?

” Within HPRP, case management focuses on housing stability and placement, with an emphasis on the arrangement, coordination, monitoring, and delivery of services related to housing needs and improving housing stability.

What is the job description of a housing manager?

Housing managers are responsible for the oversight of all administration, maintenance and management of rented properties on behalf of the local authorities. Their duties include carrying out regular inspections to check that the properties are being kept in a good state of repair, assessing applicants and allocating accommodation,...

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