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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exercise ball do you use for stability?

It’s stability. Or, a stability ball, to be exact. Also referred to as an exercise ball or a balance ball, stability ball exercises can take your workouts to the next level. “Stability ball workouts help to teach the body to move as one unit,” explains Openfit fitness specialist Cody Braun.

Why are stability balls made out of plastic?

Because most stability balls are made of plastic and packaged in more plastic, some may smell strongly of PVC out of the box and for up to a few days. PVC items vary in texture, too. Experts we spoke with recommended looking for exercise balls that were slick enough to easily move around on but sticky enough to reduce slippage.

Can a stability ball be used as a chair?

And in the office or at home, some folks choose to sit on a ball rather than on a chair. An appropriately sized, properly inflated stability ball demands that a person engage a variety of muscle groups just to maintain balance while using it. A stability ball can help you challenge more muscles with a single exercise, or deepen a stretch.

How to work out with a resistance band?

Connect the band to a high door anchor and kneel below. 2. Grasp the handles and wrap the bands around your hand or adjust length until your hands are placed next to your face with tension. 3. Flex your hips slightly and allow the weight to hyperextend the lower back. This will be your starting position. 4.

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