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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does damage resistance 5e come from in DND?

Resistance in dnd 5e may come from many origins, including phyletic traits, class features, unique monster traits, and 5e spells. For example, 5e Tieflings possess a racial quality that gives them resistance to fire damage. You can always round damage down, so 15 damage becomes 7, not 8.

How does resistance work in dungeons and Dragons?

If a creature or an object has vulnerability to a damage type, damage of that type is doubled against it. Resistance can come from many sources, including racial traits, class features, monster special traits, and spells. For example, Tieflings have a racial trait that gives them resistance to fire damage.

Where does resistance come from in Magic The Gathering?

Generally, it comes from a character’s race or from magic, sometimes the class as well, at least where player characters are concerned. You’ll also see it a lot as a DM in a creature’s stat block. Resistance means that the creature/character that has resistance to a specific damage type takes half damage from that specific damage type.

Are there any damage types that do not resist force?

It's also worth noting that cold, fire, and lightning resistances often happen together, but monsters that resist those types rarely resist force, radiant, psychic or - if the target isn't undead - necrotic damage. Acid is also a fairly good fallback, since it works on non-Yugoloth fiends and all undead other than the incorporeal ones.

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