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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name resistance mean?

What Does Resistance Mean? Resistance refers to the ability to or act of withstanding or opposing an act, element, force, process or chemical. The term is most often used to describe electrical conductivity, refer to forms of human opposition, and to indicate a degree of imperviousness to environmental or chemical effects.

What is resistance and their uses?

A resistor is an electrical/electronic passive component used to limit the flow of current. The figure represents the various types of resistors.

What does the term resistance mean?

Resistance(noun) a means or method of resisting; that which resists. Resistance(noun) a certain hindrance or opposition to the passage of an electrical current or discharge offered by conducting bodies.

What does resistance mean in electrical terms?

Electrical resistance. The electrical resistance of an electrical conductor is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through that conductor; the inverse quantity is electrical conductance, the ease at which an electric current passes.

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