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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Resistance weapons in Final Fantasy XIV?

You can help the Final Fantasy XIV Wiki by expanding it. Resistance Weapons are the level 80 Relic Weapons for Shadowbringers released in Patch 5.25. Players need to complete the Resistance Weapons quest chain to obtain one of the relics, and they are heavily tied in with the Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr storyline.

How do the resistance weapon quests work?

As players advance through the Resistance Weapons quests they will be able to obtain job-specific weapons which can be enhanced as they progress. Certain Resistance Weapon quests employ a system which will require players to proceed using the same class or job with which they accepted the quest.

How do I get the base resistance weapon?

Obtain base resistance weapon by completing The Bozja Incident, Fire in the Forge, & Resistance is NOT Futile quests. Return to Gangos and accept and progress in the quest Where Eagles Nest. Accept the quest A Sober Proposal in Bozja & progress to For want of Memory.

How do you get the Resistance weapons in Skyrim?

Complete the side quest “ The City of Lost Angels .” Complete the quests “ Hail to the Queen ,” “ Path to the Past ,” “ The Bozja Incident ,” and “ Fire in the Forge .” For every other weapon after this, complete the quest “ Resistance is (Not) Futile ” as the job you want the weapon for.

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