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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the base resistance weapon?

Obtain base resistance weapon by completing The Bozja Incident, Fire in the Forge, & Resistance is NOT Futile quests. Return to Gangos and accept and progress in the quest Where Eagles Nest. Accept the quest A Sober Proposal in Bozja & progress to For want of Memory.

What are the weapons in Resistance 3?

This page contains a list of weapons that appear in Resistance 3. The HE .44 Magnum is a powerful revolver, using explosive rounds as its secondary fire. It can be further upgraded to a point where it can release multiple explosive charges and can be exploded manually.

What are the Resistance weapons in Final Fantasy XIV?

The Resistance weapons are Shadowbringers’ take on a relic weapon, an old standard in Final Fantasy XIV. Like the Eurekan weapons and the Animas before them, this weapon will be upgradable throughout Shadowbringers, ending in a top-tier weapon by the end of the expansion.

How do you get the Resistance weapons in Skyrim?

Complete the side quest “ The City of Lost Angels .” Complete the quests “ Hail to the Queen ,” “ Path to the Past ,” “ The Bozja Incident ,” and “ Fire in the Forge .” For every other weapon after this, complete the quest “ Resistance is (Not) Futile ” as the job you want the weapon for.

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