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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in the resistantresistance weapon quest?

Resistance Weapon Quest Steps 1 A Sober Proposal 2 For Want of a Memory 3 The Will to Resist 4 In the Queen’s Image 5 Change of Arms 6 The Resistance Remembers 7 A New Path of Resistance 8 +: Coming Soon in Patch 5.55

How do you get the Resistance weapons in Skyrim?

Complete the side quest “ The City of Lost Angels .” Complete the quests “ Hail to the Queen ,” “ Path to the Past ,” “ The Bozja Incident ,” and “ Fire in the Forge .” For every other weapon after this, complete the quest “ Resistance is (Not) Futile ” as the job you want the weapon for.

Is it hard to craft the resistance weapon?

Although it may seem like a daunting task, the Resistance Weapon is actually one of the easier Relic Weapons to craft. Let's take a look at each step in the questline, what materials you'll need to gather, and the best ways of doing so. The Resistance Weapon questline's story runs parallel to the Save the Queen: Blade of Gunnhildr questline.

How do I add a glow effect to my resistance weapon?

In order to add a glow effect to your Resistance Weapon, with it in hand, talk again to Zlatan to begin The Will to Resist quest. Bitter Memory of the Dying drop from the following, provided The Will to Resist is an active quest:

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