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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Resorts site?

The Resorts site was originally occupied by two three-story wooden Quaker rooming houses, The Chalfonte House and The Haddon House. The Chalfonte House was built in 1868 by Elisha and Elizabeth Roberts. They had purchased a plot of land at North Carolina Avenue and Pacific Avenue from John DaCosta for $6,500.00.

What is the abbreviation for Resorts International?

For the company that operated from 1958 to 1986, see Resorts International. Resorts International Holdings, LLC ( RIH ), also known as Colony Resorts Holdings ( CRH) was an affiliate of Colony NorthStar based in Las Vegas, Nevada . As of 2005, they were the fifth largest gaming company in America under Nick Ribis.

What year did resorts open in New Jersey?

Resorts International opened its doors at 10:00AM on May 26, 1978. Initial gaming laws in New Jersey only allowed casinos to operate for 18 hours during the week and 20 hours during the weekends.

Who owns Mirage Resorts?

In 2000, long after Kerkorian had left the business, MGM Grand, Inc., the holding company he founded, acquired Mirage Resorts in what was the largest transaction of its kind in the gaming industry at that time.

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