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Frequently Asked Questions

What is resorts online casino?

Resorts Online Casino is rooted in a huge catalog of online slot games. Some of the top-rated online slots on the market are featured on this site, and the list continues to grow as new games are revealed.

How do I use my New Jersey casino bonus?

You can use your bonus to play any of our online slots on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet — from anywhere in New Jersey. Before you hit the felt, hit the Coupons section of My Account and enter one of the online table games bonus codes below.

What are the most played games at resorts online casino?

Slots are the most played games at Resorts Online Casino, but we also offer several great table games. Blackjack is one of the most popular games, but we have put together a great library of games that should give everyone the opportunity to find a game of their liking. Blackjack Online

How many types of slots are there at resorts online casino?

There are more than 600 different online slots to choose from on the Resorts Online Casino site, and several of the top-rated slots in the industry are featured. These games offer a wide range of playing themes, and there are several opportunities for bonus rounds to be activated as well.

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