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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a demand for CAMBA services?

The demand for CAMBA’s services has increased dramatically due to COVID-19. From emergency food, to support with health, housing and remote learning, we are focused on helping struggling New Yorkers. Please give today for a stronger, more equitable and inclusive NYC in 2021.

How does Camba help people in New York?

We promote people within the organization and invest in their growth through professional development opportunities and mentorship. Many of our employees and leaders began as clients and are now part of the CAMBA team that serves more than 65,000 New Yorkers in need each year. CAMBA is a place where everyone can succeed.

How many people of color work at Camba?

We don’t make assumptions or judge by appearance, name, or gender. CAMBA’s staff represents the diversity of the communities we serve: 89% of staff are people of color, 25% speak a language in addition to English, accounting for 35 different languages, and 5% of staff are former CAMBA clients.

Why are Camba employees proud of their work?

We’re proud of the collective efforts of our team and the many ways CAMBA helps our clients achieve self-sufficiency and improve their lives. Our track record of positive results and our reputation throughout the communities we serve are across New York City’s five boroughs and among the reasons why our employees remain with us.

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