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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three resources?

Three most basic resources are land, labor, and capital; other resources include energy, entrepreneurship, information, expertise, management, and time.

What is the definition of resource in science?

In biology and ecology a resource is defined as a substance that is required by a living organism for normal growth, maintenance, and reproduction (see biological resource). The main essential resources for animals are food, water, and territory.

What does the word resourceful mean?

Definition of resourceful : able to meet situations : capable of devising ways and means a resourceful leader : able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems : clever in dealing with problems

What is the definition of national resources?

Asset or material that constitutes the natural capital of a nation. Natural resources require application of capital and human resources (mental and physical labor) to be exploited (extracted, processed, refined) for the realization of their economic value. Use 'natural resource' in a Sentence.

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