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Frequently Asked Questions

What are business resources?

Business resources, also known as factors of production, consist of land and labor, along with capital and enterprise. Land means natural resources, which provide the raw materials for components, machinery, buildings and transport mechanisms.

What are examples of company resources?

The resources of a business organization may also include distribution networks, warehouses, intellectual talent, cash, lines of credit, patents, trademarks, buildings and land.

What are the four types of resources?

The following are the four basic types of economics resources: Land – natural resources such as iron ore, gold, diamonds, oil, etc. Labor – human resources such as wage-earning workers.

What is the definition of economic resources?

Economic Definition of resources. Defined. Term resources Definition: The labor, capital, land, and entrepreneurship used by society to produce consumer satisfying goods and services. Land provides the basic raw materials--vegetation, animals, minerals, fossil fuels--that are inputs into the production of goods (natural resources).

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