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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word geological mean?

ge·ol·o·gy. 1. The scientific study of the origin of the Earth along with its rocks, minerals, and land forms, and of the history of the changes these have undergone. 2. The structure of a specific region of the Earth, including its rocks, soils, mountains, fossils, and other features.

What does geological formation mean?

A formation or geological formation is the fundamental unit of lithostratigraphy. A formation consists of a certain amount of rock strata that have a comparable lithology, facies or other similar properties. Formations are not defined by the thickness of their rock strata; therefore the thickness of different formations can vary widely.

What is the 'formation' in geological terms?

A geological formation, or formation, is a body of rock having a consistent set of physical characteristics ( lithology) that distinguish it from adjacent bodies of rock, and which occupies a particular position in the layers of rock exposed in a geographical region (the stratigraphic column ).

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