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Frequently Asked Questions

How to help teachers with their mental health?

Facebook group providing mental health support for educators who come into daily contact with youth. advice for work-life balance and remote teaching. Tips to help teachers love what they do and enjoy their lives outside the classroom.

Where to find Mental Health Resources in school?

Check out this database of mental health resources located in your community. This section will help you work with your school’s staff to make the right connection with families so you can partner to find solutions.

Which is the best book for mental health for teachers?

Books on Mental Health “Moment for Teachers: Self-Care for Busy Teachers – 101 Free Ways for Teachers to Become More Inspired, Peaceful, and Confident in 30 Seconds,” Alice Langholt: tasks and activities for teachers to do alone or with students.

What's the percentage of teachers with poor mental health?

The American Federation of Teachers’ 2017 Educator Quality of Work Life Survey found that 61 percent of teachers said their jobs were always or often stressful—more than double the rate of non-teaching working adults—and 58 percent said they had poor mental health due to stress levels [ 1 ].

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