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Frequently Asked Questions

How smart technology is helping the Deaf?

A lot of modern technology is ideally suited for deaf culture. Text and instant messaging, for example, are beneficial to deaf people because they allow conversation between people regardless of whether or not they are deaf and they do not require the use of sign language.

What are some devices that help the Deaf?

Vibrating Watches and Timers. Another device that can help deaf and hearing-impaired people keep up with their daily schedules is the vibrating watch or timer. This device can be used as a reminder for showing up for appointments on time, taking medications, refilling parking meters, and other purposes.

What are ways you can become deaf?

Exposure to loud noise over many years -- such as listening to loud music or working in a noisy environment -- can damage the inner ear and cause sensorineural hearing loss. Aging also contributes to hearing loss, typically beginning with difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds.

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