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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are group resources and what do they do?

Whether you’re a large public corporation or a small private company, a hospital, a municipality or a school district, you’ll find Group Resources to be a third-party administrator in which you can have complete confidence. At Group Resources, we strive to act as a true partner for our clients in managing their medical spend.

Who are the members of the Renewable Resources Group?

Congrats to the S-DAC leadership: RRG’s Nicole Neeman Brady (CEO and Director), Jason Scott (Operating Partner), and Anthony Abbenante (Operating Partner), plus Capricorn’s Robert A Schultz (Board Chair), Eric Techel (CFO) and William Orum (Operating Partner), plus independent Directors Kathleen Brown, Andrew Kassoy, and Annette Rodriguez . #unsdgs

What kind of company is California Resources Corporation?

CALIFORNIA RESOURCES CORPORATION. California Resources Corporation (NYSE: CRC) is a publicly traded oil and natural gas exploration and production company and the largest oil and natural gas producer in California on a gross-operated basis. We operate our world-class resource base exclusively within the State of California,...

What does a mental health resource group do?

A collaborative process between you and your clinician resulting in positive behavior change and increased quality of life. Focuses on healing mental health disorders which have positive results being treated with medication.

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