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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free things in the library?

Because every community has different needs, not every library will offer all of these things, but a majority of these items will be available through at least one library in your local public library system. Borrowing items is especially great if you only need them for a project or two.

How are libraries used to promote their services?

Promotional tools that can be used by academic libraries to promote their services and resources include: digital media, such as the library's Website, e-mail lists, blogs and podcasts; print materials, such as posters, handouts and giveaways; events such as orientation tours and workshops; and other tools such as library

Where can I find online resources for the California State Library?

The following online resources augment the collections of the California State Library. These resources are available to California state government officials, employees, and visitors in our reading rooms. Please do not share your log-in credentials with anyone.

What can you get in a public library?

Some have collections of laptops, e-readers and MP3 players available for check out. Along similar technical lines, public libraries offer free access to maker spaces, which are laboratories filled with advanced technical equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters.

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