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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the resources of a page?

To view a page's resources organized by directory: Click the Sources tab to open the Sources panel. Click the Page tab to show the page's resources. The Page pane opens.

Which is the best definition of a resource page?

What is a Resource Page? (Definition) A resource page is a reference page on your website that the audience can use to find out knowledge resources in your niche, the ones you recommend, and other educational or useful information that generates value for your readers.

Why do you need a tools and resources page on your website?

Having a tools and resources page is a great way for you to showcase, promote, and give praise to some of the products and services you love to use in your blog or online business. It's also valuable and useful for your readers. Perhaps you're using a particular list building tool or a great looking WordPress theme.

Which is the best resource for building a website?

Best resource for beautiful and free videos for your website. 7 new videos added every monday. Lots of great pictures of startup offices, people, devices and more. I love it. Instant iPhone and Macbook mockups. Just place your screenshot on a device, no Photoshop. Easily create beautiful designs with drag-and-drop features and professional layouts.

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