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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a restaurant manager do?

You will deliver a high-quality menu and motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service. Restaurant Manager responsibilities include maintaining the restaurant’s revenue, profitability and quality goals.

What does a retail manager do?

Develop strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, increase profitability, create store policies and marketing programs that will increase sales and grow the existing customer base. Maintain high store standards and conditions and foster a positive environment.

What does a store manager do?

A Store Manager will delegate responsibilities to employees to ensure the store operates safely for the customers. In interacting with customers, the Store Manager will usually deal with customer complaints and other feedback, have communication with vendors and manage loss prevention.

What should a restaurant manager do to manage stock items?

He should also supervise the Purchasing and Receiving of the stock items. The restaurant manager should create a Purchase Order based on the stock requirements of the restaurant. The Purchase Order should include all the specifications such as Product Name, Number of Units, Standard Grade, Weight/Size, etc.

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