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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 62 an early or average age to retire?

U.S. Census Bureau data suggests that 63 is the average retirement age in the U.S. 5 This makes sense, as 62 is the earliest age you can start collecting your own Social Security retirement benefits. 6 Be careful of claiming Social Security benefits right away.

What is the maximum Social Security benefit at age 66?

Maximum Social Security Spousal Benefits. If your spouse is qualifying based on your earnings record, he or she will receive 50% of your monthly benefit. The maximum spousal benefit then for your spouse at age 66 (primary spouse retired, also age 66), would then be $1,183 per month.

Should I retire early at age 62?

You can retire at any time between age 62 and full retirement age. However, if you start benefits early, your benefits are reduced a fraction of a percent for each month before your full retirement age.

What age is considered early for retirement?

The Social Security Administration defines early retirement age as age 62. If you begin taking Social Security benefits at age 62, you will receive a reduced benefit.

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