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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate military retirement pay?

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MILITARY RETIREMENT PAY. For military service members who began active duty service on or prior to 8 September 1980, your military retirement pay is calculated by multiplying your service factor (or "multiplier") by your active duty base pay at the time of your retirement.

How do you calculate Army retirement points?

The formula for computing equivalent years of service for Reserve retired pay at age 60 is fairly simple: Total number of Creditable Retirement Points, divided by 360. The formula computes the number of equivalent years of service the soldier has completed (comparable to full-time service).

Does the military have a retirement plan?

The Military does offer three retirement plans. The one that you would receive is based on your DIEMS (Date of Entry Into Military Service). They are called Final Pay, High-3, and REDUX. Benefits are calculated based on your number of years in service, the year you will retire, basic monthly pay received, a multiplier, and cost of living factor.

How much is your military retirement check?

How much retirement pay a member receives is based on years of service and rank. Every member's retirement pay differs to some degree based on length of service and rank. For example, the retirement of an E-8 with 20 years is roughly $22,000 a year for just waking up in the morning. Jun 6 2019

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