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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best retirement income calculator for New Zealand?

The Retirement Income Calculator is an industry-leading retirement income calculator, which enables you to estimate your projected retirement savings and how long it may last in retirement. The calculator is designed to estimate your total retirement income, including benefits you may receive from NZ Super and other investments.

How much money do you need to retire at 67?

Our retirement calculator can help you gauge the trajectory of your retirement plan. You will need about $1.73M to retire at 67. Your retirement savings are looking great.

How does the retirement calculator work for You?

Our retirement calculator predicts how much you need to retire based on your current salary and investment dollars and divides it by your post-retirement years. Our calculator makes the following assumptions:

What should I expect from my New Zealand retirement fund?

This is the expected annual after-tax rate of return you expect from your KiwiSaver fund during retirement. This is likely to be a lower return than your expected rate of return before retirement because most New Zealanders switch to a conservative or cash fund option.

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