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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any funny retirement messages?

It might take a little practice and planning. Enjoy these funny retirement messages. And so the adventure begins. He who laughs last at the boss’s jokes probably isn’t far from retirement. Woo Hoo! ‘Nuff said. Goodbye tension, hello pension. Never forget the difference you made.

What can I write on a retirement card for someone?

A unique Retirement Card made just for them by you is a congratulations they won’t forget, a gesture of kindness and support that’s free for you to offer and priceless for them to receive. Make sure to review our Retirement Wishes & Quotes article for wording ideas.

What to say to a friend who is retiring?

Short and simple retirement wishes to say congratulations to the lucky retiree! These short messages are perfect for friends and family or to write in a group card to farewell a coworker. Congratulations on your retirement! It's your time to relax!

Should you add your own personal message to a retirement card?

When you add your own personal message to a retirement card, it’s a golden opportunity to emphasize the positives and make your recipient feel good about both past and future. Need a few ideas for messages that make a new retiree feel honored, appreciated, and hopeful?

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