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Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a retiree for a gift?

Featuring a 10mm compass pendant engraved with directions, this sterling silver necklace is an excellent gift to celebrate their retirement. Presented in a beautiful presentation box with a sweet retirement message, this necklace is sure to go with them everywhere on their new adventure. 10. I’m Retired Shirt

What's the best retirement gift for a CEO?

Leather Catchall Tray The Leather Catchall Tray is a wonderful gift for CEOs, managers, and board members moving into full-time retirement or for their last Boss’ Day. This corporate gift idea is made of premium, genuine leather and can be engraved with a company logo and the recipient’s name.

What's the average cost of a retirement gift?

The average cost of the gifts we have listed is around $30. Some are a little pricier, but if you get a group of people to pitch in, you can still stay around $30. If your colleague or friend is leaving the office for the very last time, then make sure to send them along with something to remember you by.

What to get a friend for their retirement?

Retirement Sash and Crown If you are throwing your friend a party, then a crown and sash is the perfect gift. They will feel like cheesy royalty for the night. It will be a perfect addition to the party pictures.

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