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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does a RN get?

RN signifies registered nurse and this particular profession offers several benefits. The benefits of registered nurses can add a significant difference in their salaries as well as other perks. Here are benefits of being a registered nurse. Registered nurses benefit from extensive insurance covering dental, vision and other medical problems.

What are the best gifts to give to a nurse?

35 Best Gifts For Nurses and Nursing Students 2020 Personal Protective Equipment. Nurses need personal protective equipment, now more than ever. ... Protective Goggles. Protective goggles are now becoming standard in most hospitals. ... Nurse Recommended Shoes. ... Deep Kneading Foot Massager. ... Blue-Light Blocking Glasses. ... Cell-Phone Sanitizer. ... Homesick Candle. ... Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker. ... More items...

Can nurses retire early?

The job is physically and emotionally taxing and most of the nurses posting believe it is too difficult for older workers. Historically, because of the physical nature of the job, and because older nurses typically have savings and other benefits, as well as spouses with benefits, nurses have retired earlier than the general population.

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