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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover permanently deleted files?

To recover, follow these steps: Install and launch the Advanced Disk Recovery tool on your Windows PC. Select the location from where you want to recover deleted file or folder. Now select the Drive and click on ‘Start Scan Now’ You will be provided with two options, Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Where do deleted files go?

The simple answer to the question is, the files don't go anywhere. The file is right where it was before the user deleted it. Deleting a file doesn't actually remove the file from the hard drive nor does it "move" the file to the Recycle Bin in Windows (or the Trash in Mac) as many people might think.

How do I retrieve deleted files in Windows 7?

Now, in order to recover deleted files windows 7 recycle bin, right click on the folder where the deleted files were stored. Select the option ‘restore previous version’ to see a list of files and folders that have been backed-up anywhere. It will display the files along with their restore points.

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