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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Rev code 450 mean?

It's the use of revenue codes which allows hospitals to use the same CPT code in multiple departments because it will show which department the services were provided in. An easy example to use here would be to match up CPT code 99282, which is for an emergency room visit of low to moderate severity, and revenue code 450, which stands for emergency room .

What is Revenue Code billing?

Revenue Code means a nationally-assigned coding system for billing inpatient and outpatient hospital services, home health services, and hospice services.

What is medical claim Revenue Code?

Revenue codes are 3-digit numbers that are used on hospital bills to tell the insurance companies either where the patient was when they received treatment, or what type of item a patient might have received as a patient. A medical claim will not be paid if this is missing from a bill. Revenue codes go along with procedure codes.

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