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Frequently Asked Questions

What is revenue integrity, and how can your organization?

Revenue integrity for a hospital is more than being morally upright. Being fully compliant in coding and billing practices also reduces the risk of costly downstream efforts such as managing external audits and even payment denials.

Where can I get a revenue integrity credential?

If you have questions about this process, please contact Customer Service at 800-650-6787. A unique but wide range of knowledge and experience are necessary for revenue integrity professionals, and NAHRI wants to help those in the field demonstrate their expertise in a tangible way—through a new credential created just for you.

What are the KPIs for revenue integrity management?

Two KPIs that revenue integrity managers should monitor, in particular, are the following: Discharged, not final billed (DNFB). Claims that have not been filed and are waiting for coding or billing work are concerning to facilities.

What does the billing department do for revenue integrity?

The billing department is responsible for ensuring the bill meets the regulations determined by the patient’s insurance. Revenue integrity efforts examine all workflows in charging to determine the greatest efficiency and to identify patterns that need correcting.

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