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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a ri program ensure revenue integrity?

RI programs typically act as a bridge between clinical, coding and revenue cycle operations. Ensuring the integrity of coding and billing is accomplished by RI team members with various skill sets and expertise, so they can smoothly adapt to the workflows of each of these separate functions.

How is revenue integrity being used in healthcare?

RI platforms connect siloed data, and increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning optimize RI efforts. The need to break down the silos between clinical, coding and revenue cycle departments are leading forward-looking healthcare systems to adopt RI.

Where can I get a revenue integrity credential?

If you have questions about this process, please contact Customer Service at 800-650-6787. A unique but wide range of knowledge and experience are necessary for revenue integrity professionals, and NAHRI wants to help those in the field demonstrate their expertise in a tangible way—through a new credential created just for you.

How are hospitals mitigating revenue cycle compliance risks?

Hospitals have been mitigating revenue cycle compliance risks of inaccurate billing while also ensuring they are not underbilling for services that have been delivered.

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