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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the English use more words than the French?

There are about 7 times more words in the English language than in French (500,000 against 70,000). The majority of the people only know from 15,000 to 30,000 words, and even good writers rarely know more than 50,000 words (in a same language). This gives an idea of the huge diversity of vocabulary and nuances available to users of English.

What is the best language translator?

Best Languages for Translators: Arabic, Pashto and Farsi have seen a great demand recently for political reasons. A translator of these languages can get paid $180.000 per year in certain areas. Pashto is the best paying language right now because of its importance these days and because of the shortage of translators.

What is reverse translation?

Reverse Translation (Molecular Biology) Translation is the biosynthesis of a protein from a messenger RNA template on ribosomes . Reverse translation is not a biological process. Instead, it is inferring DNA sequence from the amino acid sequence of a protein.

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