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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best reviews of riversol products?

Riversol Reviews 1 Great quality! Loved the serum! 2 Great little product. I tried the sample Anti aging - Dry to Normal skin type. ... 3 Corrector serum. Corrector has helped reduce my aging spots and my skin tone seems evener. ... 4 Beautiful product 5 Awesome product 6 Great Product. Wonderful result!!! ... 7 Great Product. ...

How much does riversol anti redness cleanser cost?

Users can also apply this treatment as an anti-aging product, as it’s safe for sensitive skin. Ideally paired with the Riversol refreshing gel cleanser to help loosen up those tight spots, the Anti-Redness Serum is priced at $69 .

How does riversol moisturizer work on your skin?

My skin feels soft, smooth and very hydrated. I winter in Mexico and summer in Calgary, the extreme differences in humidity is very harsh on my skin. Riversol products are really helping my skin with the redness and dryness I experience when returning to Calgary.

Is the riversol anti aging reparative serum effective?

The Anti-Aging Reparative Serum is a great product. After a few weeks, I felt the dullness from my skin gone; the dark spots had reduced and the skin looked younger. In simple words, Riversol products are definitely effective and hassle-free. Only thing I dislike about the products is the weird smell it has.

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