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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone XS the right phone for You?

The most recent product launched by the company, the iPhone Xs, has set new records in selling products before the launch, even more than the iPhone X. If you are looking forward to getting a new phone, the following review of iPhone Xs can help you decide if this is the right phone for you.

Is the iPhone XS Max a good deal?

The iPhone XS and XS Max are both a great deal right now – and have decreased in price to $485 and $587 from their retail price of $1,099 since the iPhone 11 came out. If you’re looking for great battery life, a solid camera, and the strongest iPhone screen yet – the XS is perfect for you.

What are the new features of the iPhone XS?

The devices change over time, too, thanks to software updates. The iPhone XS package is a lot more tempting now that iOS 14 is readily available, bringing many new features like widgets, Dark Mode, and a range of app speed increases, so you can make the most of your iPhone experience.

What is the price of the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS starts at $899/£899 for 64GB of storage. We'd prefer the 128GB you get with the Galaxy Note 9's base model. But you can upgrade to 256GB and 512GB on the iPhone XS for $1,049/£1,049 and $1,249/£1,249, respectively.

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