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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are rewritten notes important in a study guide?

Study guides are only useful for large, important tests. Creating a front page to your rewritten notes helps to bring meaning to the information inside of it. Rewritten notes are the "meat" of a study guide. Jonathan's World History final exam is next week and he would like to create a study guide.

What are the release notes for Toontown rewritten?

This page lists the release notes for Toontown Rewritten during the year of 2021. It will be updated as the year progresses. • Added two all-new Trolley games -- “Spotlight Search” and “Doodle Roundup”! • Removed the long-standing "ghost dock" issue prevalent throughout all of Toontown.

Do you write your notes in complete sentences?

Rewritten notes should not be in complete sentences in order to save time. Reading, writing and saying the information to be learned is the visualization technique. a. b. d. "I read my notes, what else can I do?"

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