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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rewritten in stone by Wilbur soot?

Released shortly after Wilbur Soot’s revival in the Dream SMP, Rewritten In Stone tells from Wilbur’s perspective how terrible of an idea it was to bring him back to life. The song is jazzy, featuring piano, saxophone, and trumpet as well as vocals.

Is there a right way to write a song?

Starting with chord changes or an existing musical track isn’t wrong; there is no right or wrong way to write a song. In fact, hits in various genres are regularly created by “topliners” providing the melodies and words that go “on top” of a musical track that is created first.

Who are Richard Harris' songwriting credits?

Richard Harris (whose songwriting credits include # 1 Billboard single “Lie To Me” featuring Koko LaRoo with Cole Plante) said, “I have trusted people, like management and co-writers that I always run songs by. I trust my gut instinct, too. If it doesn’t feel right I will always go back in and look to see what can be improved.

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