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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rhonda stand for in Urban Dictionary?

A 'Rhonda' is usually eccentric, strong willed, independent, artistic, expressive, loving, nurturing, fearless, impulsive, and restless. Rhonda's thrive in matters of the heart, make awesome lovers, and love to set the stage for romance and intrigue.

What do you need to know about Rhonda from friends?

To know a 'Rhonda' is to love a 'Rhonda'. A 'Rhonda' is a true kick ass chick. She usually talks major sh*t, infact, she just talks...alot! A 'Rhonda' is the consumate ride or die friend...she prizes loyalty as the hallmark of true friendship.

Where does the last name Rhonda come from?

It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Rhonda is "good lance". Since the name only became popular in the 20th century, it also possibly derives from the name of the River Rhondda, meaning "noisy", in Wales.

Who is Rhonda Cornum and what did she do?

Rhonda Britten (born 1960), the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, speaker and bestselling author Rhonda Cornum, Ph.D., M.D., captured during the Gulf War and molested by her Iraqi captors Rhonda Faehn (born 1971), American college gymnastics coach and former college and elite gymnast

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