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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mass transit rides do?

What We Do. Rides Mass Transit District is a federally funded PUBLIC transportation system. Service is available to ANYONE needing transportation. Rides provides door to door and established route service. The fleet consists of lift-equipped and ramped vehicles making the system fully accessible.

Is there a rideshare program in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin RIDESHARE program - Serving all of Wisconsin and bordering counties. City of Madison rideshare program - A partnership of commuting options. State of Wisconsin vanpool program - Available to commuters with a Madison destination.

How do I contact rides customer service?

Give us a call at 1-800-358-5037 to learn more about our new My RIDES Account System which is replacing ticket sales. I cannot tell you how helpful, respectful and friendly the RIDES team has been. I am a frequent passenger and I'd recommend this service to anyone for any reason whatsoever!

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