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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ridesharing?

Mr. Bensinger is a member of the editorial board. Piece by piece, the mythology around ridesharing is falling apart. Uber and Lyft promised ubiquitous self-driving cars as soon as this year. They promised an end to private car ownership. They promised to reduce congestion in the largest cities. They promised consistently affordable rides.

Do Ride-sharing services increase the cost of a trip?

The researchers also found that switching from a private car to on-demand rides, like an Uber or Lyft, increased the external costs of a typical trip by 30-35%, or roughly 35 cents on average, because of the added congestion, collisions and noise from ride-sharing services. Thank You! For being a subscriber of ETtech Top 5 newsletter.

Are Uber and Lyft right about ride-sharing?

Uber and Lyft are correct that they offer a useful service, including food delivery to the homebound, an alternative to drunken driving and transportation in underserved areas. But after years of bluster, it’s hard to believe them about much else. Piece by piece, the mythology around ride-sharing is falling apart.

Will Massachusetts get ‘historic new benefits’ for rideshare drivers?

(A state judge has called the law unconstitutional .) Now, despite the cynicism of the California fight, Lyft and Uber are trying to foist a similar law upon Massachusetts with the promise of “historic new benefits” for “app-based rideshare and delivery drivers.” Voters shouldn’t fall for it.

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