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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear to riding lessons?

Clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions. A long-sleeved shirt, a properly fastened jacket that is not flapping or a sweatshirt, are recommended. Body protectors must be worn for all cross-country jumping and are recommended for any lesson involving jumping.

How much do horse riding lessons cost?

The cost of horse riding lessons will depend on the number of sessions you purchase up front, if it’s private, the length, professional offering the lessons and the geographical lesson. Private lessons will cost anywhere from $200 to $450 for one month, and this will normally include around three to five lessons.

What to wear to horseback riding lessons?

Unlike everyday wear, riders are required to dress formally at shows. Riding pants: While riders can wear any color of Riding Pants for classes and regular riding, they must wear conservative colors (white, beige, or tan) at shows. Both full seat and knee patch breeches are acceptable at shows.

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