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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between small and large rifle primers?

Dimensionally; small pistol and small rifle have the same diameter, as do large pistol and large rifle. Small pistol, small rifle, and large pistol primers all use pocket depths of .118-.122, while large rifle primer pockets are .128-132.

Who has large rifle primers in stock?

MidwayUSA has quite a few primers in stock (this link will show you all that are available) including small pistol, large pistol, small rifle, and large rifle (and large rifle magnum, small pistol magnum). Widener’s also has some primers available, including Sellier & Bellot large rifle and large rifle magnum, various types CCI primers (small pistol APS, large rifle APS, small rifle magnum APS) Brownells has Winchester large rifle magnum, CCI 50 cal, Remington small pistol magnum, and ...

Which primers are the "hardest"?

If it uses large primers you won't be able to go as far without switching to a softer primer. The hardest is CCI, with Winchester being next in line. Remington follows as the third hardest and Federal is the softest.

Where can I buy small pistol primers?

The Winchester Small Pistol Primers 1000 Count are available from Tactical World. The Winchester Small Pistol Primers are an excellent all-weather option. Winchester Small Rifle Primers are easy to ignite and seat, making them an excellent choice for reloading.

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