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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the M1A a good sniper rifle?

Springfield Armory – M1A Best sniper rifle for competition shooting A modern take on an old school infantry precision rifle. This is a precision gun made from the M14/variants that was in major use by the US military in the modern era prior to the last three generations of precision rifles.

What does M1A stand for?

The term "M1A" is a proprietary title for Springfield Armory’s M14-pattern rifle. The M1A is available in multiple variants which include, Loaded, Match, Scout, and SOCOM. The M1A is built on the M14 platform, which was a battle rifle. Hence, these rifles are sturdy and reliable, especially over a short range.

Is the M1A rifle banned in any state?

The Springfield M1A is not one of the enumerated firearms which are specifically prohibited under the State's assault firearms laws. It has been prohibited in this State as being substantially identical to a named firearm. However, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the M1A has been modified.

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