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Frequently Asked Questions

Why riflegear North Texas?

With a brand new 40,000 square foot facility, RifleGear is North Texas' premier location to shoot and shop. Our 28-lane range is aimed at providing everyone from the casual shooter to the seasoned pro with the best range experience available.

Where can I buy a rifle in Dallas?

RifleGear has one of the largest, in stock inventories of firearms and accessories in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Shop online and choose from our vast selection of rifles, handguns, shotguns, parts, accessories, and gear (including exotic/high end firearms and RifleGear exclusives).

Why choose riflegear for Your firearms training?

At RifleGear we believe firearms training is not only a necessity, but an obligation. Whether you are a new gun owner, experienced shooter, or just looking for some self defense tips, our staff of qualified instructors offer a variety of classes that fit your needs.

What kind of firearms can I rent from riflegear?

Riflegear offers hundreds of rental firearms for customers and includes machine guns and suppressors. RifleGear stocks a wide range of firearms, parts, accessories, and ammunition and also provides gunsmith services on-site.

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