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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy the Rio Beach classic beach chair?

All of that at a great price will help you have an awesome and relaxing day at the beach. The Rio Beach Classic may not have started the beach chair category, but it was probably pretty close. The retro wooden arms are a nice touch to go along with the numerous color and pattern options.

Does Costco sell chairs?

Add a pop of color & style to your home with Costco's selection of chairs & accent chairs! Choose from a variety of colors, materials & patterns.

What is the best beach chair for You?

If all you want is a simple, basic beach chair that will do the job for you year after year then this is the option for you. For another more basic option, but one that has a few more features, go with the Rio Beach 4-Position Lace-Up.

Are beach chairs worth the extra cost?

A beach chair can be had for any budget, but if you can afford it the extra features in the more expensive chairs are definitely worth it. Once you try the backpack carry and have quality cup and phone holders you will never go back.

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