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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the shrine of order do in risk of rain 2?

The Shrine of Order is one of the Shrines in Risk of Rain 2. It is a rare Shrine that can only be found on Rallypoint Delta and Commencement . Upon donating a Lunar Coin, the following process is applied to the player's items: For a given item rarity tier ( Common, Uncommon, Legendary, Boss or Lunar ), an item already in the possession of the player is selected.

Does risk of rain 2 have an ending?

However, the true ending of the game only occurs after defeating Mithrix and escaping to the spaceship. The correct way to beat Risk of Rain 2 is to defeat Mithrix, the king of nowhere. Mithrix was added later in the update version 1.0 and defeating it is the only way to unlock the correct ending of the game.

What is the risk of rain?

Risk of Rain is an action platformer/adventure game with randomized elements.While we don’t want to spoil the story, we can let a few things through! The game is set in the distant future, where space transportation is common. Space trains carry passengers and goods all across space.

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