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How bad is the crime situation in Rochester?

Rochester Police Captain Frank Umbrino said the city reached 52 murders as it added two cases including a deadly June shootout and a robbery in April. According to the district, First Student and Monroe Transportation, both partners with the RCSD, are down roughly 70 drivers needed to fulfill all its routes.

What happened at the former Rochester Psychiatric Center?

Rochester, N. Y. - Rochester Fire Department officials say the weekend fire at the former Rochester Psychiatric Center on Elmwood Avenue has been ruled an arson. Firefighters were called to the building Saturday night after receiving a report of a...

Can Project Exile help reduce violent crime in Rochester?

Rochester, N. Y. - A program started to combat violent crime is getting pushback. In 1998, Project Exile was formed to get illegal guns off the streets and reduce Rochester’s high homicide rate.

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