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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there school in NYC?

In New York there are zero accredited private four-year colleges. Similar to public schools, private colleges and universities offer bachelor's or higher level programs and research opportunities, although they usually have smaller classes and higher tuition.

What is New York City Board of Education?

NY City Board Of Education Founded in 1921, the Board of Education Retirement System of the City of New York , also known as BERS, is one of the largest multiemployer, multitiered retirement systems in the United States. It provides retirement benefits for civil service employees permanently employed by the City and School District of New York.

What is the school district in New York?

The City School District of the City of New York (the New York City public schools) is the largest school system in the United States, with over 1.1 million students taught in more than 1,800 separate schools.

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