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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best climbing harness?

The newly redesigned Petzl Sama is the winner of our Best Overall Harness award, and is our recommendation for pretty much any kind of rock climbing. While we already loved the previous version of this harness, the new one is even better!

Is rock climbing considered a sport?

Since protection is bolted into the cliff, sport rock climbing is considered much safer than trad. It takes less investment of personal time. The routes can be scaled quicker and the climbing areas are easier to access. Several people can get out to a local crag and back in an afternoon.

Is rock climbing a hobby?

Rock Climbing. Login to add this hobby to your My Hobby section! Rock Climbing (or Mountain Climbing as it is also called) is composed of two main styles, indoor gym climbing which has grown in popularity thanks to ease and safety, and outdoor mountain climbing which is self descriptive and simply amazing.

Is rock climbing fun?

Rock climbing is a widely popular sport, especially in the state of Washington. Classes run from early morning to mid-afternoon, and private climbing lessons are available. Come join our classes and experience the fun and great exercise that rock climbing can provide. Call 1-800-555-CLIMB for more information.

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